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Create Online Sales Proposals

Simple sales proposal software

Easily create professional sales proposals that will impress your clients and increase sales conversion.

Custom look and feel

Use your company's logo and color scheme to make your sales proposal match the look/feel of your brand and be recognizable to your clients.

Domain branding

Present your sales proposal to your client from your company's domain name, for example

Add images, video, and files

Include images directly into the body of your sales proposal. Incorporate video that can be played by your client from within your proposal. Attach any file and make it downloadable by your client right from the proposal.

Advanced pricing options

Easily add one-time and recurring pricing items into your online sales proposal.

Terms and conditions

Your company's terms and conditions are automatically imported into every new proposal.

Save Time With Sales Proposal Templates

Section and proposal templates

Create a template from any section, or even an entire proposal. Then, use these templates to create and recreate a variety of sales proposals to match your clients' needs, in a matter of minutes.

Adapt with template variables

ClientSky sales proposal software automatically populates your client contact's name, their company name and company abbreviations automatically when creating a new sales proposal. Use a variety of template variables in your section and proposal templates to make them automatically display the correct company name (or other details). No more find and replace!

Collaborate With Your Sales Team

Share your sales proposal templates

Effective sales teams should be concentrating on selling more, not writing lengthy proposals. Save time and reduce errors by allowing your sales team to share sales proposals and templates with each other. Drive consistency in your organization and shorten the sales cycle with the ClientSky sales proposal software.

Work collaboratively

Do you need feedback from multiple people to build your sales proposal? Do you want your administrative staff to proof it before the sales proposal goes out to the client? Invite other people to collaborate on the proposal with you.

Companies and Contacts

Share contacts and companies with other people from your organization so you have easy access to them when creating new proposals. The ClientSky sales proposal software stores all your contacts and companies for you and your sales team.

Deliver Sales Proposals Securely Online

Preview your sales proposal

When your online sales proposal is ready to send, you can preview the proposal exactly as your client would view it.

Deliver the sales proposal to a client

Send your client a secure email link that they can instantly access. The link opens up a sales proposal that is mobile-ready and looks professional on any device from a desktop to a smartphone. Your client can then easily sign electronically to accept your proposal.

Interact with client on the proposal

While viewing the proposal, the client can easily send you feedback, request a change, and accept or reject the proposal. From your ClientSky sales proposal interface you can post updates to the proposal and add comments.

Download to PDF

If your client wants to download a copy of your online sales proposal into a PDF, they can do so directly from the sales proposal you send them.

Analyze Sales Proposal Metrics

Sales analytics

Track meaningful stats including sales proposal hit ratio, sales over time and sales by person in graphs, charts and tabular format. The sales proposal software securely stores all your sales informaiton into its database so that you can easily generate sales reports as your team sends out sales proposals.

Individual and team sales statistics

View these stats for on an individual or company-wide level to assess your sales team's performance most effectively.

Open proposal notification

Ever wonder when a client actually first views your proposal? Get notified when a potential client or customer first views your proposal, so that you know when to follow-up.

Proposal notifications

Get notifications when your proposals have been accepted, rejected, viewed, commented on, etc. Know what is going on at all times.

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