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Create Online Sales Proposals

You can create a custom sales proposal in minutes using sales proposal templates, or create a brand new proposal from scratch.

From Scratch

Give your proposal the name that you want to appear on the cover page. Then, populate the proposal with sections of your choosing, and fill them with the appropriate content and media (such as images, videos, and files).

You can create an online sales proposal from scratch and populate it with the content of your choosing.

From Templates

If you create the same type of sales proposal frequently, you can use the sales proposal software to save time by creating a template. Sales proposal templates allow you to generate a nearly completed proposal in minutes, and customize accordingly. ClientSky takes care of swapping in your client's information (such as references to client's name, logo, etc.).

Proposal Templates are completed proposals that you can easily create a new sales proposal from. Proposal templates are pre-built entire sales proposals that you have created to allow you to easily.

Section Templates are previously created sections that you can easily drop in to any proposal (e.g. a standard "About Us" section template may be dropped in to every proposal in order to not copy-and-paste it in every time).

Template Variables for Company Name, Company Abbreviation, Company Address, and Contact Name may be dropped into any proposal or template. When a proposal with template variables is previewed or sent, ClientSky automatically fills in the correct information for the receiving client.

Save time by creating a new proposal from a proposal template that you created and saved previously.

Brand Your Proposals

Maintain branding consistent with your company's (or your client's) logo and company colors.

Your Logo

Display your company's logo prominently at the top of every page of your proposal.

Maintain branding consistent with your company's (or your client's) logo and company colors.

Your Colors

Use a color scheme customized to your company or your client for each proposal you send out.

Maintain consistent branding by using your company's colors in your online sales proposal.

Custom Domains

Create a seamless experience for your clients by presenting your proposals from your company's domain.

Use your company's existing domain to present your online sales proposals to your clients.

Customize Your Sales Proposal

You can customize your online sales proposals for your clients in a number of different ways:

Company Information

Choose the company and contact that your proposal will be sent to, and ClientSky will automatically replace the Template Variables in your proposal with this information so that you don't have to do so manually.

Add information for the company and contact that your proposal will be sent to and ClientSky will use this information to automatically populate these items throughout your sales proposal.

Expiration Date, Colors

Set the expiration date of your proposal, after which point it may no longer be accepted or declined.

Set the colors of your proposal to be consistent with your company's brand.

Set the expiration date of your sales proposal, as well as a color scheme for it.

Collaborating Users

Invite any ClientSky users in your organization to collaborate with you on your proposal. These users will be able to view, edit, and send your proposal.

You may choose users from within your company to work collaboratively with you on your sales proposal.

Add Sections

It's easy to add and arrange the appropriate sections for your proposal.

Add a blank proposal section or add a section from a section template

Start from scratch or save time by using a previously saved proposal section template.

Sales Proposal Software | Sections Sales Proposal Software | Sections

Drag to Arrange

Drag-and-drop your sections into the order you want them in.

It's easy to arrange your sections in the order you want them to appear in your sales proposal. Simply drag-and-drop the sectinos into the right order.


Drag sections to the right to create a sub-section.

Create sub-sections in your online sales proposal by dragging an item to the right.

End Result

The end-result is a professional, structured proposal. Here you see a section with its sub-section.

Sections and sub-sections appear in your sales proposal in the order you arranged them while creating the proposal.

Add Content

ClientSky has powerful pricing features


Edit text as you already do in your favorite word processor. Change text colors and backgrounds, add bold and italic text, and use bulleted or numbered lists and indentation where necessary.

Add and edit text the same way you already do in your word processor of choice. The text can be customized in many different ways.


Add tables of any size to your proposal.

Add tables to your online sales proposal to neatly display tabular data that is not well represented with text.


Upload images into your proposals or templates to make your online proposals stand out from the competition, and to describe your product or service in greater detail.

Drop images into your sales proposal to explain your products and services in greater depth.


Add in video for client testimonials or description of your product or service.

ClientSky uniquely allows you to add video into your online sales proposal. Use this to demonstrate your product or service, or provide client testimonials.


Easily upload files such as exhibits and PDF files into your proposal, so that your client may view them directly from your proposal without jumping through any hoops.

Add exhibits or other files directly to your online sales proposal so that your clients may view them quickly and easily.


You can upload files for use in your sales proposals directly from your computer, which ClientSky stores for later use. ClientSky also integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive, so you can pull your media directly from either of these services.

ClientSky integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive, allowing you to pull files directly from these other applications.

Add Pricing

The Pricing section of your proposal has introductory content, one-time and recurring pricing items, conclusion content, and comes with a set of terms and conditions.

Introduction and Conclusion

Edit the introductory and concluding Pricing content as you would in your favorite word processor, adding in images and other media as necessary.

ClientSky allows you to add content before and after the pricing table in the pricing section of your sales proposal.

One-time Items

Add in Pricing items that will only be billed once.

Add all of the one-time pricing items that are applicable in your sales proposal.

Recurring Items

Add in recurring Pricing items, as well as how often they will recur.

Add all of the recurring items that will be billed hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly to your sales proposal pricing section.

Terms and Conditions

Your client must accept your Terms and Conditions when accepting your proposal. These terms (which you define) are automatically imported into your proposals and may be edited prior to sending the proposal if necessary.

Your terms and conditions are imported automatically from your ClientSky account, and may be customized within each proposal prior to sending the proposal out.

Send Proposals

Sending your online sales proposal to your client for acceptance is easy:

Review Client Information

ClientSky shows you the client company and contact that is receiving this proposal. You can also add users that should be copied or blind-copied on the proposal email.

Prior to sending your sales proposal, you are able to review the information of the client and contact you intend to receive it.

Customize Proposal Email

Prior to sending your proposal to your client, you may customize the text of the email that they will receive.

You may customize the entire email that gets sent to your client with a link to your online sales proposal.

Send Proposal Email

Your client receives the proposal email you created, and clicks the link to view your proposal.

Click here and fill in your email address to receive a sample proposal email so that you can view and interact with a ClientSky proposal exactly as your client would!

This is the email that your client receives with a link to the online sales proposal you created for them.

ClientSky collects a number of metrics pertaining to the sending and accepting of your online sales proposals.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed shows you which proposals have been created and sent out by users in your company, as well as when your clients have viewed and accepted your proposals.

View important actions taking place with sales proposals within your company within this activity feed.

Sales Statistics & Graphs

ClientSky shows you your sales proposal hit ratio and other key metrics.

Track important sales proposal metrics, including hit-rate, with ClientSky.
Track important sales proposal metrics, including hit-rate, with ClientSky.

Sales Team Performance

Compare members of your sales team with detailed individual metrics.

Track the performance of your sales team, and see who has the most success with their sales proposals.

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